our story

Journey Church traces its beginnings to a small group of people who began meeting together in August, 2003 to seek God about planting a particular kind of church in Yuma. The group desired a fellowship that would offer passionate worship, practical teaching from the Bible, and the Christian life lived out together with integrity. With these things in mind, we chose the name Journey Of Faith. Our leadership teamed with the EFCA to develop Journey's vision, mission and values.  Journey Church has continued equipping Christ-followers to grow in their faith for the purpose of serving God’s Kingdom here in Yuma. 

Journey Church began as a small group of Christ-followers who desired to grow in relationship with Jesus and with others.  Our church has flourished as these individuals experienced lasting life change through relationship with Jesus. For this reason, Journey Church exists to make much of Jesus and help others do the same.  As we grow in relationship with Jesus and with others, we then begin to look for ways to serve our community in ways that bring lasting change to the community. The church began when Jesus demonstrated God's love, taught the Bible and "did life" with twelve ordinary men. These twelve, by the power of God's Holy Spirit, then went on to transform the world.  In the same way, we desire to make disciples of Jesus who will make a lasting impact on Yuma, the Desert Southwest Region, and the world.